Training cycle for facilitators in Uruguay

In facilitation of ayahuasca and entheogenic medicines, transcendent integration and communication and retreats organization

Simultaneous training in facilitation, integration and communication/organization

An opportunity to work with us as part of the local teams of facilitators that we have in each country and accompanying us on our trips and international tours around the entire planet. For us, living like this, surrounded by people whose lives are being transformed and feeling that we are contributing to a global transformation is something immensely satisfying that makes us very happy.

This training also awakens the capacity in you to create your own retreats and events or implement everything included in those you already organize.

What is facilitation?

The term facilitator refers to those people who take on a role of supporting other people, facilitating their access to an experience of understanding, liberation, healing… and who also support them so that these people become their own facilitators in their lives. so that they accompany themselves with love and affection and embrace themselves so they transform their relationships with others and life.

However, another meaning of the word is also used that refers to facilitating the art of sharing entheogenic and entactogenic medicines with people in a conscious, responsible manner and with a professional attitude appropriate for that function.

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What is transcendent integration?

Ayahuasca has been shared in different ways for hundreds of years, but integration is very recent, it emerged about twenty years ago when some facilitators realized that it was necessary for people to have a space where they could externalize what they lived and understood in the sessions. In this space many liberations that had begun during the night with ayahuasca were put into words and the understandings were deepened so they could manifest into a daily life attitude.

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What is expansive communication?

The expansive spirit runs through our veins, which is why we always put our whole hearts into ensuring that all these discoveries reach the whole world and millions of people who, like us, deserve and wish to experience them.

That is why we teach you how to use all the communication tools available and the language, the tone and the way as the main tools to reach the deepest corners of others like a balsamic, liberating and enthusiastic river of love.

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A space of understanding, liberation and training

Above all, this is an encounter where we will meet people who often become part of the most important people in our lives with whom to live a multitude of experiences together. It is also an environment where you can free yourself and show yourself as you are, whatever the expression of your being that arises in you at that moment. It is a garden of creativity, a place to enjoy life and support each other and where we also train ourselves in courage and we accompany each other on this immense collective journey that is life, sharing a purpose as deep as sharing that beautiful essence that we all carry inside and whose aroma is the fragrance that perfumes the world.

Who is it for?

For all those who want to dedicate themselves to this work, whatever their job, no qualifications are required and no previous experience with entheogens is required. For all those who want to be trained as facilitators. It is also for facilitators who want to go beyond the forms they have learned in order to get rid of dogmatism and self-imposed limitations. Also for therapists who come from different currents or who have become disenchanted with living corseted in a single official therapeutic or psychological current.

What does the training consist of?

Beyond the three areas in which we train at school, we must clarify that the background that underlies this training goes beyond instrumental or operational knowledge. It is rather about the possibility of an authentic internal transformation that happens naturally when the essential bases of this work of supporting others are understood, which has its roots in the way in which we support ourselves.

With the passing of the cycles, a new look emerges in each student and they sprout like spring when a refreshing and new internal experience of life arrives that has its impact on our relationships and our daily lives. That new look with which we look at each other is medicine, as is the way in which we listen, transcending the opinions and judgments that arise and the way in which we approach each other.

The training does not ask you to become an enlightened one, a teacher with all the answers, a shaman or an expert therapist in psychology. The training is not intended to «give you shape» but precisely to allow yourself to detach from strict forms so you can Access your unique creativity from which inspiration springs at all times.

What are the three practical areas?



We propose that the facilitator acquire a responsible attitude with medicines and their proper administration. It is about supporting people without adopting a teacher attitude nor an absent one.

We train in a style of facilitation freed from fanaticism, dogmas and superstitions and at the same time full of the natural magic of freedom and the surprising mystery of love that guides and reaches each person in the session. We are not subject to any Amazonian tradition, culture, religion or morality and we do not divinize ayahuasca as a panacea, as the voice of wisdom or as a grandmother or a mother. For us in a therapeutic and spiritual catalyst of liberation. We love and respect ayahuasca and that is why we have freed it from fanaticism.

On the other hand we are not nor do we want to be shamans because it is not healthy for people to hand over the responsibility of their healing to someone with supposedly special powers. We also invite you to disidentify from the role of «I am a facilitator» and from all the added paraphernalia that can be used as a false power or an attempt at grotesque and ridiculous superiority over others.



In these years a lot of progress has been made in the best ways to support in this area, we live updated and we make constant discoveries and we have many years of experience with thousands of people.

Integration has two areas, one is psychotherapeutics that has to do with healing, understanding and liberation of traumas or current life situations that the person brings and the experiential resignification of all of it. The other area is the transcendence that has to do with the disidentification and embrace of the «traumatized» or the «interpreter» or «perceiver» as «illusory victim» towards a space of inner freedom where you are no longer trapped by internal self-punitive conflict programs nor by the interpreted past and its emotion.

You learn to focus your attention and contemplation towards the full source of internal love and in this way you are dehypnotized from everything that used to make you go into mental loops. We also invite you to disidentify from the role of integrator so that you do not demand of yourself to be «the most evolved of all». Integrating is also supporting the release of «spiritual demands» and “mesurements of evolution” so people can embrace themselves with innocence and dignity at every moment of their lives, resting in trust and love.


Communication and organization

From the moment the person calls us, it is important to listen to them, treat them with care and give them the importance and dignity that they have, it is also important that we are clear and know how to answer their questions about the aspects in which they could feel confused about what these encounters mean.

This is the art of summoning, which is also an art of facilitating the path without pressure or pushing towards a transformative decision such as coming to one of the meetings we offer. The call begins with an invocation that arises from our hearts for the whole world as a result of a call that we feel to share what we have lived, it is a natural act of gratitude that transcends «what will they say» and invites us to express this wonderful opportunity that is available for all. For this we use all digital tools and above all the voice of our heart. In the case of entheogens, it also implies a complete re-education of the population about the benefits of these medicines that have been so stigmatized.

We value and receive the proposals of those students who want to take the movement and the school to their countries and who want to organize a retreat with their acquaintances or who want us to support them through promotions to expand this proposal in their country so that it reaches their whole country.

We invite you to disidentify from the role of «summoner» so that you do not become a living appendage of a telephone or a computer. It is not necessary to self-exploit.

What is this training for?

The training is an end in itself, we invite you to see the future as something that comes to you while you enjoy the present and not something you go towards while you forget to receive the present moment.

That said, training awakens the ability in you to facilitate, integrate and refine the communication of what you want to transmit and the coordination of these spaces with authority.

So the people who integrate what is understood will be ready to organize these meetings and create their own organizations and also those who carry in their hearts the desire to work with us and who we have verified that they are ready for it will be authorized by us to be part of the team and work in various functions.

There are people who will come to work with us in some functions before the six cycles are finished and others will not be ready after they are completed (although they are a very small minority).

We do it this way so that this training is not seen as something formal that you just do and then you are ready. It is more about really accessing a deep capacity that is in you and it blooms in the school in the same way as a flower does in an ecosystem.

We do not ask you to change your way of being, we value what you are above what you know or think you know, but we will invite you to abandon attitudes or beliefs if we consider that they may be harmful to the participants who attend our meetings.

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Escuela Floresiendo

We are an international channel through which Love is manifested in freedom, constituted as a School with headquarters in several countries around the world. We organize meetings and train people who want to dedicate themselves to this work by organizing their own events or working with us. Those who join us can be part of the team growth that accompanies the rhythm of expansion to which we are carried by Life and that manifests itself in such an enthusiastic and joyful way in our hearts.


  • Sergio

    Since I was born, the thirst for the divine and ecstasy were in me, the peace of the deep and the beauty of life have been flooding me over the years. I have dedicated the last nine years to accompany others with love while accompanying myself in everything that I had to go through in life, so aware of the transforming importance of a proper attitude.

  • Flor

    Since I was little I was very curious and restless, I remember asking my mother questions about the earth, the universe and life. I always felt attracted by the mystery of existence. When they asked me the question «what would you like to be when you grow up», I answered “an archaeologist”. I loved ancient civilizations and their secrets. As I grew up, my desire to explore and decipher those mysteries faded away.


What our participants feel

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Economic value of the training

Training «De-Program»: It consists of six cycles of three nights, in all the cycles the three areas are deepened, as the students come to cycles they access practical classes where they facilitate the medicines or coordinate an integration under our supervision until they are able to it by themselves. There is no fixed agenda in each cycle, rather it is dynamic depending on the circumstances, but in all of them the central and most important aspects are deepened. The main bases of the facilitation of entheogens, entactogens and kambó are taught. In addition, during the integrations, annotations are made explaining why what is said is said and meetings are held with the students to give feedback.

The possibility of drinking ayahuasca is included in the cycles but it is not mandatory, nor is it mandatory to take it from time to time if you work with us. Each cycle has a value of 650 euros that includes content training workshops, feedback and practice workshops, accommodation in bed, meals and three nights with ayahuasca session included. If the six cycles are paid in a single payment, the value is 3,500 euros in total, leaving each cycle at a value of 583 euros.

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Single Cycle

3 Nights Retreat

2 Nights Retreat

1 Kambó session

1 Bufo session

1 Yopo session


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Do you want to work with us?

If you want to join us in this world adventure, you can write to me at +34 661023916 so that we can video call each other and thus see, hear and feel each other. Thank you very much, we are infinitely grateful.

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For us it is very important to connect from the heart with all the people who come to one of our meetings since this transformative experience is a turning point in the path of a human being towards a new way of experiencing life.

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